The Acadian and Francophone community of West Chezzetcook and Grand Desert is an important part of the social and cultural fabric of the region. This vibrant community has a rich history and unique culture that deserves to be celebrated and preserved. By supporting this community, we can help ensure that the Acadian and Francophone culture continues to thrive for generations to come.


L'Acadie de Chezzetcook Association is a bilingual, self-sufficient and experiential destination for local culture and heritage.


L'Acadie de Chezzetcook Association brings life and vibrancy to its community.


L'Acadie de Chezzetcook Association’s mandate is to develop the Chezzetcook region by offering a multitude of programs and services and by bringing its historic site to life.


L'Acadie de Chezzetcook Association fulfills its mandate by concentrating on the following 4 priorities:

- Healthy management of the organization
- Communications
- Community and cultural program
- Attraction and retention of members

June McIssac

Melanie Bellefontaine

Ritchie Bellefontaine

Valerie Bellefontaine

Madonna Hill

Hester MacDonald

Allison Murphy

Heather Reilly

Betty White

Valentin Alfano

Executive Director